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The Image as unit of contagion


Delphi Carstens met Mer on the street in Capetown a decade ago, him clutching a copy of Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘A Thousand Plateaus’ under his arm. Since then they have collaborated on several major journal articles, video projects and most currently, researching his phd on the hyperstitions that are manifesting apocalypse. His essay on Mer’s current work coincides with the 4th chapter of his phd, which addresses the role of 0rphan Drift and CCRU as ‘renegade academics’ and speculative futurists.

Music as artificial time


This text is an amalgam of various 0rphan Drift performances and lectures written by Mer for a symposium on audio art at Radcliffe college, Oxford in 1999. It encapsulates the core themes of the collaborative artist 0rphan Drift, many of which are reflected in the current collaborative works of Mer Roberts and Ranu Mukherjee.

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