Mer Liquify : Maggie Roberts :: Artist > Rim Dweller

Maggie Roberts
Artist > Rim Dweller

Kurtzmeyer :: 1994

Mer Liquify

For the first show in Basel, I reproduced elements from Cubitt Street's 'Pale Riders' installation, whose elegiac and torn mood suited the decaying walls of the temporary gallery space.

For the second show in Zurich's Kunsthalle, I made a materially slick and photographically uniform presentation of sensory distortion and euphoric shamanic transformation, referencing cyberspace dystopia and William Gibson's 'Neuromancer'. The title was taken from the current electronica hit 'Giving Them Drugs and Taking Their Lives Away'.

This installation reworked the first 0rphan drift exhibition '0(rphan) D(rift>) Cyberpositve' at the Cabinet Gallery 1994.