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Maggie Roberts
Artist > Rim Dweller
image hybrids

Collage series, photographs and digital images. All are elements of an ongoing body of work that embraces evolutionary fever dreams, turbulent oceans and articulates future possible scenarios impacting on the geopolitical and human present.

There are fragments of work made by other 0rphan Drift members for previous driftworks,
Syzygy and Slik, that have entered the current Mer remix pool.
Thank you always, and I hope you like the revisionings.

Liquefaction. The Ocean Of The Real.
The sea, 'dark and inscrutable in its immense depths' (Jules Michelet 1861) becomes, in the contemporary moment , a contingent matrix of landscaping and technologising. Paul Virilio describes the resulting hydrosphere as 'the last frontier; one whose attraction is ongoing. But the time of the romantic contact with the sea is behind us.' The hydrosphere of the last decade is mediated by both nature and man. We are experiencing the subjectification of the weather. Destruction, disaster, overwhelming limits. The millenial obliteration of the terrestrial feared in the previous decade had appeared, instead, in the hydrosphere as a system of immersion and evaporation. Virilio describes the fluid world as overtaking the mechanical, fusing with the digital as a symptom of contemporary liquefaction. Eric Morse, Frieze May 2011.

Strange Strangers.
You assume that one receives the stranger by effacing his strangeness at the threshold. But the stranger insists, and breaks through. Jean-Luc Nancy. 'L'Intrus' 2000.

Is There Magic In Hybridity?
Simon Reynolds. 'What we're living in is a salvage economy: there's this mound of stuff accumulated and people are going through it.'

Chaos Is And Always Will Be.
King Midas Sound.